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Aortic Dissection

Aortic Dissection is a potentially life threatening condition arising from a tear in the lining of the main blood vessel from the heart, that requires urgent hospital admission and management.

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Introduction Video to Aortic Dissection
Dr Phil Puckridge
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

Symptoms We See

  • Chronic Aortic Dissection commonly has no symptoms
  • Severe tearing pain in the back between the shoulder blades (Acute Dissection)
  • Pain in the legs with exercise in patients with previous Aortic Dissection
  • Difficulty controlling blood pressure in the setting of a previous Aortic Dissection
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Aortic Dissection Treatment

Non-Surgical Management

The majority of patients with Chronic or Subacute Aortic Dissection require optimal management with medications to reduce blood pressure and control risk factors to prevent long-term problems

Endovascular Management

Endovascular stenting is now the mainstay of treatment for Aortic Dissection and has increased the range of treatment options available.


In some cases the management of Aortic Dissection will involve conventional surgical management with surgery in the chest and abdomen. This will often be in conjunction with other specialists such as Cardiothoracic Surgeons.

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Aortic Dissection Questions

What do I do if I have severe chest pain?

If you have severe chest pain and are concerned you should seek urgent medical attention and dial 000 to attend your nearest hospital

My Blood Pressure is high, is this Aortic Dissection?

Aortic Dissection can be caused by high blood pressure or can result in high blood pressure, however the overwhelming majority of high blood pressure is not related to Aortic Dissection but requires management by your GP. If you have had a previous Aortic Dissection and have high blood pressure, the team of specialists at AVC are happy to help assess if the Aortic Dissection is contributing to this.

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Director OF AVC

Dr Phil Puckridge

At AVC we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to Adelaide vascular surgery care which means our clients are guided through every step of the way from pre-assessment to post-operative so they get the absolute best care and maintain the highest level of vascular health.
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