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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) is a group of conditions where the arteries, veins and or nerves in the “thoracic outlet” have become compressed. The "thoracic outlet" is the path where these structures leave the neck to the arm.

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Symptoms We See

  • Arm fatigue with activity
  • Cold fingers, hands or arm with a weak or absent pulse
  • Lack of colour(pallor) or your hand
  • Weakness of arm or neck
  • Discolouration (bluish colour) of the hand
  • Arm swelling or pain
  • Numbness or tingling in your arm or fingers
  • Pain or ache in your neck, shoulder or hand
  • Muscle wasting in the fleshy base of your thumb
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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Treatment

Conservative treatments with physiotherapy

Conservative treatments with physiotherapy can help with thoracic outlet syndrome.

Surgical treatment

Surgery to increase the space around the thoracic outlet. This may need to be in conjunction with treatment to the artery or veins in vascular compression

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Questions

Is thoracic outlet syndrome common?

Thoracic outlet syndrome is an uncommon problem. It certainly isn't the cause of all aches and pains in the arms, and usually is considered as a cause of problem when nothing else explains your symptoms.

Do I need surgery?

In some cases of TOS a procedure is unnecessary. This does depend on which structure is being compressed, whether it is the artery, vein or nerves. Options for treatment can be discussed with the specialist team at AVC.

Is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome dangerous?

Mostly TOS is problematic and causes discomfort, however in some instances TOS can progress to a dangerous situation. The type of problem you develop depends on whether it is the nerve, artery or vein compressed and damaged.

Speak to our specialists at AVC to learn more.

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