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Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetic foot ulcers are common and it is extremely important to have specialist assement and treatment to avoid devastating complications such leg amputation.

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Introduction Video to Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Dr Phil Puckridge
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

Symptoms We See

  • Before ulcers develop, there are often signs of thickend skin on pressure points (callous), numb feet or toes, or somtimes blisters.
  • Ulcers can affect any part of the foot or ankle particularly the tips of toes, ball of foot, sides of foot or heel.
  • Diabetic ulcers may be painful or painless, particularly where diabetes has caused numbess of the feet.
  • Diabetic ulcers can become infected resulting is fevers, swelling and discharge of fluid from the wound. Infection can make you very sick are requires urgent specialist assessment and treatment.
  • Poor circulation often complicates diabetic foot ulcers and cause foot or leg pain, or even gangrene of the toes or foot.
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Foot Ulcer Treatment

Dressing and Wound Care

Specialists at AVC are trained in the optimal treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and will provide a specific dressing regimen or footwear to aid ulcer healing.

Medical Treatments

Infected foot ulcers may required a short or prolonged course of antibiotics. Your AVC specialist will make a comprehensive assessment of you and your ulcer and determine the most appropriate therapy.

Surgical Treatments

Some diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented by surgical cleaning of the wound (debridement). Severe ulcers or infection may require radical surgery to remove a toe or part of the foot to save the leg. Your specialist is highly trained to prevent limb loss and will advise you regarding this.

Nutrition Management

Food and drink as well as micro nutrition supplementation, including vitamins and minerals, are important in the management of diabetes and ulcer healing. A vascular dietitian can provide personalised advice to support your recovery.

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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Questions

What are the risk factors for developing a diabetic foot ulcer?

Diabetes affects the nerves, muscles, skin, blood vessels and immune system, limiting your ability to detect and heal foot ulcers. Long standing diabetes, particularly if you have high blood sugars places is particularly bad.

Will I loose my leg if I have a diabetic foot ulcer?

Diabetic foot ulcers, if caught early, can be successfully treated and cured with specialst care.

Can ulcers come back after successful treatment?

Diabetic foot ulcers can recur after successful treatment and so lifelong prevention is key to avoiding recurrence and future limb loss. Your specialist will advise you on the best way to avoid further ulcers and may involve podiatrists or othotic specialist care.

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Dr Phil Puckridge

At AVC we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to Adelaide vascular surgery care which means our clients are guided through every step of the way from pre-assessment to post-operative so they get the absolute best care and maintain the highest level of vascular health.
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