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Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are caused by a multitude of problems but often are related to vascular disease. Both diseased and damaged arteries and veins can lead to ulceration requiring involvement of a vascular specialist.

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Introduction Video to Leg Ulcers
Dr Phil Puckridge
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

Problems we see

  • Leg ulcers are wounds on the leg that have not healed in a 4 week period of time.
  • Ulcers that have not healed with simple dressing care.
  • Ulcers associated with varicose veins
  • Painful leg wounds that do not heal.
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Leg Ulcer Treatment

Identifying the cause

The first step in treatment is understanding why an ulcer will not heal. Investigation by the specialist doctors at AVC will be focused on understanding this problem and implementing treatment you need.

Local Treatment of the Ulcer

Dressing care options and ongoing community support can be assisted by the team at AVC. A specialist nurse wound care practitioner at AVC can supervise your care in conjunction with your surgeon.

Treatment of the cause

Once the cause is understood, identifying whether there is disease of the arteries or veins, treatments can be tailored to your needs to lead to healing.

Frequently the treatment required will be minimally invasive therapy, but sometimes surgery is necessary.

Nutrition Management

Food and drink as well as micro nutrition supplementation, including vitamins and minerals, are important in the management of diabetes and ulcer healing.

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Leg Ulcer Questions

Do ulcers come back after treatment?

Sometimes ulcers recur, the reasons for this will be investigated by your specialist at AVC, and treatment initialised to try and prevent ongoing problems.

Can ulcers be treated without a procedure?

Yes, frequently they can. Different dressing treatments often help make a major improvement without surgery or a procedure. If you need a procedure to treat an underlying cause of the ulcer, the options will be discussed.

Are leg ulcers dangerous?

Ulcers are an ongoing cause of concern, as open wounds they need continued treatment and dressings, and can get infected. Redness, warmth or pain from the ulcer should be taken seriously, and medical help sought.

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Director OF AVC

Dr Phil Puckridge

At AVC we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to Adelaide vascular surgery care which means our clients are guided through every step of the way from pre-assessment to post-operative so they get the absolute best care and maintain the highest level of vascular health.
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